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Please enter your Chinese tea phrase

You like Chinese teas but you're baffled by the terminology. You've got the name of a Chinese tea in front of you and it's not in Chinese characters, but the sequences of English letters it's been transliterated into mean nothing to you.

Or, even worse, you're looking at a Chinese website selling tea, but you have no idea what those Chinese characters mean, e.g. 猴子采铁观音. (You can use one of those automatic translation sites, but they don't recognize the tea terminology.)

So who you gonna call? Babelcarp! Just type that phrase into the blank in the form, submit it, and hope the Carp knows at least some of the words.

You can paste tea terms in Chinese characters, too, into this form—not only terms spelled using a Western alphabet. Just try to be sure that the text is related to tea: this is not a general-purpose Chinese-to-English translator. And please note that not all of Babelcarp's definitions are indexed by Chinese characters.

By the way, when we say tea terms, we aren't just talking about names of specific kinds of tea. We're also talking about tea agriculture, tea manufacture, tea preparation, tea storage, tea history… It's a big subject.

If a Babelcarp definition contains terms that are defined elsewhere in the Babelcarp database, those terms appear as clickable links. Also, when you reach a Babelcarp entry you can see links to all other Babelcarp entries that refer to it. That is to say, the cross references go both ways. This way you can see more of the connections among items of Chinese tea knowledge.

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